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We are Jean (on the left) and Shirley (on the right). 

We first met through our love of dancing and teaching and soon realised we had another thing in common - crafting.  With an interest in textures and colours this 'hobby' soon grew and became Caversham Crafts at the start of the pandemic.  Having expanded our range during lockdown we decided to change our name to Nimble Thimble because that's what we had both become - nimble with a thimble!

We are passionate about supporting local business and 'Buying British' so we purchase as much of our fabric as we can from our 2 main local suppliers - Village Fabrics in Wallingford and Lady Sew & Sew in Henley on Thames.  The majority of our wool used in our needle felting is from British breed sheep, mainly, Jacob, Shetland, Wensleydale (not a crumb of cheese in sight), Teesdale and Whitefaced Woodland.  Some of which has been hand collected and hand dyed. 

AJU 2017-57 (002).jpg

All of our fabric and fibre creations are handmade in Jean's Edwardian loft room  and Shirley's Victorian craft room in Caversham.  

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