Janina Church Sketch on thin blue surrou

Watercolour courtesy of local artist Janina Maher www.janinamaher.artweb.com

About the Fair

Thank you for your interest in Caversham’s Artists & Makers Fair.  We hope the following information will prove helpful and we look forward to having you join us in this new venture for Caversham.


Dates, times & venue

The fair will be held on the second Saturday of every month starting (excluding January and August), in Caversham Methodist Church Hall, Gosbrook Road, Caversham, RG4 8EB. 

Start time 10.00 am and finish 4.00 pm.


Items for sale

We want to showcase the work of Artists and Craftspeople from Caversham and the surrounding area.  However, we stipulate that all items must be the original work of the exhibitor.  Under no circumstances will ‘bought in’ goods be permitted. 


All exhibitors must have appropriate, up to date, Public Liability Insurance plus any other Licences or Certification their product might require.  We will need to see copies of these with your application form.


Stands & display space

Your space measures approximately 5’ by 7’ with a table approximately 6’ by 2’ to fit within it.  Some tables will be near a wall, others will be in the middle of the room.  We will try to accommodate your preference but cannot guarantee this.  Any other display items you bring MUST also fit within this space and not interfere with other stallholders.  They must not obstruct your own access, gangways, general view or hide the exhibits or displays of other exhibitors.    Spaces are allocated considering many factors and this decision is final.  We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits but please bring other refreshments for yourself as required. 

Display Space Cost

Single space £40

Double space £70 

Payment will be required within 5 days of acceptance of your booking.


Please note that no application can be accepted without the applicant agreeing to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Stallholders Information

About the Fair

Terms & Conditions


Application Form