Janina Church Sketch on thin blue surrou

Watercolour courtesy of local artist Janina Maher www.janinamaher.artweb.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a space cost?

Our first fair on 10th June will be at a reduced price of £25 per space.  Future fairs will be charged at £35 for a single space and £60 for a double space.


What size table do we get?

We provide a 6' x 2' table with a white table covering and 1 x chair for each space you book.  Your useable space is approx. 7’ x 5’.  We will, however, be adding extra space around your stand to allow for essential social distancing.  This will be clearly marked, and you must not encroach on the added space.  Please, where possible, store your boxes etc under your table so they are hidden from view.


Can we bring our own rails and stands?

We are happy for you to bring shelving, rails, stands etc but they must fit into your 7’ x 5’ space.  This may mean you have to bring your own tables instead of using ours. We want you to create an area that is personal to you and your products.


Is there access to an electricity supply?

Please request access to electricity if you require it on the Application Form.  We will do our best to accommodate this but cannot guarantee access.


Do we have to make the products we sell ourselves?

The answer is yes!  This is an Artist & Makers Fair and will only allow you to sell items that have been made by you.  We want to provide a truly Artistic and Handmade shopping experience for the customers who come to our events. We do NOT allow people to sell items that have been bought in.


What competition we will have at each event?

We like to provide competition at markets as we believe this will create a healthy shopping experience, but we will not swamp the market with one type of product.

If we are unable to attend event, will we receive a refund?

In accordance with distance selling regulations, we will allow you 7 days to change your mind from letting you know that we have received your form and payment.  Cancellations outside of the above will NOT be refunded unless alternative stallholders can be found, and we will raise a small admin charge of £5.00 per market space.  Alternative stallholders MUST be approved by us.



Can we pay on the day?

The answer is no.  We will confirm if your provisional booking has been successful as soon as we receive your booking form.  This confirmation will include our payment details.  Your full confirmation will then be sent once payment has been received.  We accept payment by bank transfer only and cannot accept cash on the day or cheques.


Do we get a refund if the footfall is low?

We will make every effort to attract as many people to our fairs as we possibly can. We cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions, road works, sports events or any other variable which may affect the footfall.  We have booked the hall in good faith and every effort will be made to attract customers.


What marketing and advertising do you do?

We aim to attract people who are out shopping on the day and ahead of the event by posting flyers and banners.  We will advertise prior to the event in local publications, on social media and our own website. Our aim is to ensure stallholders sell items that are unique, interesting and of high quality which in turn, will attract people to come specifically to visit our Artists & Makers fair.

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