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Washable Cotton Face Mask - Green 6

  • Thank you for buying one of our washable, cotton face masks.  It consists of two layers of 100% cotton fabric, sourced from local stockists, with an internal section to insert a filter for added protection if you wish. The aluminium strip at the top can be moulded to fit around the bridge of your nose. Please adjust and fold the mask with care as aggressive handling may cause the strip to break. Just in case this happens, we’ve included an extra one.  We’ve left the elastic untied, so you can adjust it to fit and it can be easily removed if you want to replace it with tape or ribbon. Please avoid touching your face mask when wearing your mask and always wash your hands if you need to adjust it. Your face mask should be washed in a normal 40-degree cycle with detergent or hand washed with detergent after every use.