Our Size Guide

We all have different sized faces - that's part of what makes us individual after all.  So, although our regular mask will fit most adults, we make a range of sizes to cater for everyone.  If you're unsure which size to choose, please measure straight across from the centre of the bridge of your nose to the front of your ear.  The other measurement to check is from the bridge of your nose straight down to just under your chin.  That one is a bit tricky if you don't have a tape measure, so take a piece of cotton, wool, ribbon or something similar (maybe not your cat's tail) and use that as a guide.  Choose the nearest size but if in doubt go to the larger size.  Please remember, we hand cut and hand sew all of our products, therefore the following sizes are approximate.  There may be a small difference in the finished article.

Our adult sizes      Nose to Ear                Nose to Chin

Petite                 11.5 cm / 4 1/2 in          12.5 cm / 5 1/2 in

Regular             12.0 cm / 4 3/4 in          14.0 cm / 6 1/4 in

Large                 13  cm /   5        in          16.5cm  / 6 1/2 in

Extra Large       14 cm /   5 1/2  in          19.0 cm / 7 1/2 in

Our children's sizes

2 - 5 years         9.0 cm / 3 1/2   in         10.75 cm / 4 1/4 in

6 - 10 years       11.0 cm / 4       in          12.0 cm  / 4 3/4  in

Striped cat tail isolated on white backg